Nearpod is engaging for all learners!

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As a Social Studies teacher, I have noticed that this format allows students to stay engaged in the lesson as they have first-hand access to a lesson presentation while not feeling ostracized by "getting a wrong answer." Educators have the ability to make public answers anonymous, so students can comfortably learn from one another without that feeling of failure. In addition, you may create a presentation from scratch or upload a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, while adding in any activities that will support students during the lesson. Although this application can be great for student engagement, students do have the opportunity to open up a new tab in an internet browser while staying logged into the lesson. Therefore, as usual, it is imperative that teachers circulate throughout the lesson to ensure students are on-task and assess their learning. All in all, this is a great tool that allows students to interact with the content in a new and innovative way!

How I Use It

I use this product to create interactive activities. Some of the activities that I have used in Nearpod are open-ended questions, multiple choice quizzes, draw-it!, collaborate, virtual field trips, and Nearpod 3D. This app works very well on laptops and mobile devices. However, like any education technology, it requires a wireless internet connection that can properly support multiple users.

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