Lots of Potential, Big Disappointment

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

Overall, I do not like this project as a teaching tool. Exploring a 3D view of the Great Wall of China seems like a great idea, but the context is also important. The questions need to be rigorous and aligned to state standards. There are other websites that provide similar virtual engagement sessions, but with more meat overall. If you know someone who is considering purchasing this - tell them to run far away!

How I Use It

I was excited about this product because it seemed like it could make teacher-led instruction more engaging. I found that most of the lessons that seemed to be cool were only available in the paid version. However, after my district purchased the paid version I have still be disappointed. Many of the lessons have typos and/or inaccurate information. I understand that the resources are often teacher created (and prone to human error) but there should be a rating system that users of the site could use to let one another know which resources are best. Or a way to follow a user once we find someone who has a lot of similar topics.

Ability to conduct the lesson as "teacher-led" or at "student pace"
Options to viewing/sharing students results/data
Ability for students to answer multiple choice, short answer, or "draw it" questions
Materials for various grade levels and content areas

The website has VERY few quality free resources.
Searching for premade stuff is VERY time-consuming
Creating a NEARPOD from scratch (even using the templates and recommendations) is time-consuming
My students who are normally open to trying new technologies hated it and complained profusely