MyOn is a great service in theory, but the lack of accurate filters makes it downright dangerous for younger users.

Submitted 4 years ago
Anna C.
Anna C.
Stowers Elementary School
Lithia FL, US
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My Take

MyOn is not a safe system for younger users without constant supervision. It displays and reads aloud materials that are not age appropriate. I would look elsewhere for software that allows for more parental controls. I strongly encourage anyone currently using this system to check and see what books are available to young children.

How I Use It

My kindergartner uses MyOn both at school and at home. Although it's a valuable resource in theory, the filtering process is non-existent. It continually displays titles that are high-school age, and since the books are read aloud to kids, he is shown and read very inappropriate materials for his age. Examples: Books on the Holocaust/WWII with very disturbing photos of dead and dying people, a gruesome story about the Donner party, books about vampire and ghost legends. With constant adult supervision, it might be ok, but even the book cover art that is shown is problematic if you have a sensitive child.