Great idea- Poor delivery

Submitted 5 years ago
Danielle M.
Danielle M.
Royal Palm Charter School
Palm Bay FL, US
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This tool was a great idea but has poor delivery. The books that are selected are based on his age not his reading ability. It keeps recommending BRL0 books and his score is L 120 . The books can be audible but the questions must be read by the student. Further the questions require inference and outside knowledge. A book about animals living in the arctic mentions that they have white fur but never says why. end of book question is: "which is the reason the animals fur is white?" Further proper English would be "Why do so many animals living in the Arctic have white fur?" I have even seen questions with missing words: In a book about emperor penguins it asked about the animals moments: there were words missing and it did not make any sense, he guessed migration and was correct.
My son likes the variety of books available but he prefers a different program the school uses. Despite my issues with it I prefer myOn because it is not as "teachy". I wish I could reject the books it recommends, he just skips over them and chooses something else. I feel that the program is governing my sons progress and in some ways he is getting board with it because they are offering "baby" books.

How I Use It

My Kindergartner used myOn to differentiate his learning. He is advanced in reading and was able to read higher level books to meet his educational ability to challenge his learning.

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