Great digital library for teachers and studnets!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I really love this program! When I first learned about it I thought it was great that students could use this program to hear and read books that they find interesting or books that I select for the students to read. The great thing about this program is that students can read book at home! While the students are reading books, once they finish a book there are a couple of questions the students are asked to answer after the reading of a completed book. The program also lets you track how many books your students are reading in a day, week and even a month. It shows the teacher the books students have read completely or books they have not finished yet. The only downside is that the program does not have all the books in the world, but a great amount of books. I just think its great that students have access to a wide range of books at their fingertips and that the books can be read to the students which helps struggling readers, beginning readers, and English Langauge Learners.

How I Use It

I use this website when I need to find a book related to the topic I am teaching and I do not have a hard copy of a book. I have students use the website during centers and the students have access to all the books available on the website. The books can be read to the student or the students can read the books themselves. I have used the website when I have created groups in my classroom to work on a specific topic and I can assign the groups to read the selected books related to their topic.