Bookshelf in your Pocket!

Submitted 8 years ago
Cynthia S.
Cynthia S.
Fremont Public Schools
Fremont NE, US
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My Take

The online and app resources combined make a nice addition to any reading program. Using an electronic device affords students the privacy of reading at their own ability and interest level. This is so powerful for emerging and struggling readers. The ability to download books to the app and read offline is huge for students with no internet access outside of the school day. There are some social media sharing capabilities which also add to guiding students with regard to digital citizenship.

How I Use It

As a librarian, I am always interested in strategies to get kids reading anywhere, anytime. MyOn is a great collection of reading selections that one can use to engage students in reading. The entire collection is searchable and students can choose by topic, genre, reading level, etc through the advanced search option. I love that it has Spanish language selections and some audio capabilities, as well. I also tried the iPad app which isn't as comprehensive, but would make a great addition to classroom use as it offers offline reading.