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Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, Chrome, Windows

Pros: Simple interface allows students to monitor classes, assignments, and important dates effortlessly.

Cons: Manually importing class details and assignments can be tedious if a student's teachers are not using the companion product.

Bottom Line: If used on a regular basis with teacher guidance and motivation, students can be ready to tackle their complex schedules with ease.

Even though the myHomework app is designed for student use, teachers do have the option of sharing class and assignment details with students via a companion app called Even without the use of the companion app, teachers can still encourage students to interact with their myHomework account as much as possible to create a habit; the more details that are poured into the app, the more useful it will become. By utilizing the reminder and due date features, students will learn valuable time-management skills they will need in other areas of their lives.

myHomework Student Planner helps students stay organized amid busy class schedules. Students can sign up using a username and password or via a Google or Facebook account and then manually add each of their classes. After classes have been created, students can add any other details to their calendars, including assignments, projects, and test dates. Reminders also can be set for any upcoming due dates. Ads exist in the free version, and teachers should be aware of a third-party rewards system (that can be turned off).

If a student's teachers are using the companion app,, students can bypass entering class information manually and receive announcements from their teachers. If teachers do not have a profile in, then students will have to import each class one at a time.

If mobile organizational features are not already built into a student's LMS at school, myHomework Student Planner has the potential to be very useful, and with the ability to synch among devices, a student's calendar can follow them wherever they go. If used consistently, juggling multiple classes with multiple assignments and due dates should be no problem for students. The quick and easy monitoring of assignments and other projects shows students that staying organized isn't as hard as it may seem.  

Without using, manually adding classes and assignments can become tedious, and schools and districts will need to determine if the pop-up ads and third-party rewards system are appropriate for students. More accessibility options for students or a badging system to encourage regular use would improve myHomework's viability as a long-term scheduling solution. Paired with, organizational skills can be sharpened when using this app; without consistent use and support from a teacher, students may just go back to paper agendas -- or nothing at all.

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Keeping up with class assignments and due dates is easy with this simple, digital planner. With the ability for profiles to synch to a variety of devices, students will never be without their schedules.


Productivity is the main focus of myHomework Student Planner. While this tool doesn't lend itself to one particular subject, it does help students to be more organized in all areas -- if used consistently.


Beyond initial text descriptions and a FAQ, there really isn't much support for students. Video tutorials and accessibility features would go a long way to making the tool easier for students to develop organizational habits.

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