OneNote Class Notebook--Nothing Compares for Learning Muscle

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Santa Margarita Catholic High School
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Versatile, robust application for so much more than note-taking. Multi-media capacity, powerful access tools as well as both spoken and written feedback, seamless transition between inking, doodling, highlighting, and typing, keeping everything organized and categorized by topic, process, difficulty, etc. The management of flipping and gamification is very doable with this product. And, combined with the Assignments function of Teams, it's even more of a powerhouse. My students and I both love our OneNote Class Notebook!!

How I Use It

Class Notebook add-in for Microsoft OneNote is a multi-faceted learning tool, with attention to universal design accessibility features, such as read-alouds, student control of font size and spacing, vocabulary support, etc. Articles, videos, recordings, links, images are all easily delivered to one , some, or all of my students for easy management of differentiated learning. I can use inking in conjunction with typed input to provide feedback and student annotated work on assigned reading is enhanced by the dual mode capacity of mixing inking/doodles/highlighting and typing. The tag function can be used by students to create "bread crumbs" of their learning, and printing a summary tag page automatically creates a study guide or review sheet for them. Using the embedded links feature, I've been able to set up Notebooks as a gamified environment, with different file "tabs" representing different levels, and password protection letting me approve student completion of one level before distributing rewards and badges as well as access to the next level of learning. Works great when I flip the classroom or when I'm ill or gone for a conference--I can still check their work virtually, talk or write my feedback, or email absent students directly from my notebook the pages of the work they missed while they were gone. I use the Collaboration Spaces to organize my group inquiries and have a visible record of their learning. "Review student work" loads up an assignment and I cycle through each assignment, provide feedback or a grade in one cyclical move, rather than uploading or downloading. It's direct access. I can also embed links to other information necessary to support student learning, such as Research Blendspace, or a link to an EdPuzzle enhanced learning video. Students focus on the PowerPoint or our classroom discussion while a scribe takes notes on the whiteboard. One student takes a photo of the notes on the whiteboard, places it in Collaboration Space so everyone has access. In this way, students can focus and interact with the material, while being assured that the deeper comments accompanying the slides of the presentation that is included in their Notebook pages are not "missed" because they are so busy trying to get every word . During Socratic Circles, Fishbowl discussions, or Collaboration Wheels, I have students use their learning notes or annotated articles to provide textual based evidence for their contributions to the discussion. There are so many ways in which to use the Class Notebook capacities to enhance student learning that I am still discovering ways in which to use the features to up the ante on student learning. And kids like it!