Class Notebook Makes OneNote Essential Classroom Tool

Submitted 4 years ago
Caitlin M.
Caitlin M.
Shorecrest Preparatory School
Saint Petersburg FL, US
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My Take

I like the open-ended nature of the tool because it allows teachers (and students) to use the tool however best fits their learning/teaching experience. Some of the technical aspects can be challenging, especially if they aren't working correctly - if things do not sync up right, or there are log in issues. However, the tool overall is a great addition to the classroom learning environment.

How I Use It

At my last school, Science 6 and all academic classes in grades 7 and 8 switched to Class Notebook and found it to be an essential classroom tool. In the Upper School (9-12), math and science teachers used Class Notebook as well. Teachers can manage class notebooks, providing content to all students. Students can create and manage their own notebooks, with option for teacher feedback. Students and teachers can also work together in a collaborative area. The options for distributing/managing content, collaboration, and individualized feedback helped teachers enhance the learning experience for students. There is some set up involved and some technical challenges can arise - issues with Microsoft log in, or syncing errors - but generally, those are minor and easily resolved with support. Less tech-savvy teachers needed more support from the Academic Technology Specialist and IT staff, but less so after initial set up.