Very useful Application for Teachers and Students

Submitted 7 years ago
Rich S.
Rich S.
Mylan Park Elementary School
Morgantown WV, US
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My Take

Both teachers and students have begun to see how easy and effective OneNote can be. Teachers really like having their information in one place and not having to carry a PLC binder with them. Since they have been exposed to the Staff Notebook, many of them have started to incorporate the classroom OneNote in the classes.

Students really enjoy using this application because as I said it allows them to work at their own pace. I enjoy using it with my students because as they are working I can "check in" on them and their progress. It also allows me to annotate to them if they need assistance privately.

Another great feature, is that it is a web based application as well, so this allows both students and teachers to access their information from anywhere at any time. This makes this application great for a blended classes and for administrators to check on teacher progress during PLCs.

All in all I really like this product and will continue using it with my students and staff.

How I Use It

I have used this application for both my students and my staff. I use the Staff Notebook portion of OneNote to allow my staff to keep track of their PLC notes in the collaborative area, as well as any forms and content they may need to refer back to in the content library.
I also use the classroom portion with my students. I can set up lessons and activities in the content library, so when they come to class they know that they need to log into their binder and begin working. They really enjoy when I post videos of lesson instructions and content because it allows them to work at their own pace and refer back to instructions whenever they need to. Once they have completed the assignment they can upload it to their personal "homework" section for me to review.