Engaging and interactive tool that supplements different levels of understanding

Submitted 1 year ago
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My Take

I think this is a great tool to keep students motivated to learn math, even when concepts can be difficult to understand at first. I like how I can give different students in my class unique activities that match their levels of conceptual understanding. The activities help my students understand concepts that may be difficult to understand solely from using textbook problems. I have also found that the use of real-world problems develops a natural curiosity in many of my students that I have not seen before using Matific.

How I Use It

After I introduce math concepts to my students, I use Matific to enhance and supplement their conceptual understanding. My students find this resource to be engaging and interactive. I have found that many students experience math anxiety from a young age, but Matific helps students learn math in an exciting and fun manner. Whenever I finish teaching math concepts, my students get excited because they know that they are about to go on Matific.