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Engaging and interactive tool that supplements different levels of understanding

I think this is a great tool to keep students motivated to learn math, even when concepts can be difficult to understand at first. I like how I can give different students in my class unique activities that match their levels of conceptual understanding. The activities help my students understand concepts that may be difficult to understand solely from using textbook problems. I have also found that the use of real-world problems develops a natural curiosity in many of my students that I have not seen before using Matific.
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Best platform to teach and learn mathematics!

My students absolutely love Matific. They show huge improvement in retention of strategies and application in problem solving.
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great maths teaching resource for classroom and online learning

Matific is a great resource to be used within the classroom program and as homework. I personally really enjoy using Matific for teaching, and the interactive activities are very engaging for students.  It's an excellent interactive tool to teach, revise math concepts and explore new skills.
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Easy and engaging!

I really liked how easy it was for me as a teacher to pick the skills that my students needed to practice. I can sit beside my students, reteach a skill then have them complete the activity for independent practice or assessment. Students are engaged with the activities as they are interactive.
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very versatile, can be used among many ages

I think that this is a great teaching tool for students and teachers to use because it lets the children have independence in the classroom, while the teacher can stand by and be there if they need help. I like how easy it is to navigate, and how easy they make it to find the types of games your looking for. Along with a description for each game, there is an estimated time that it thinks it will take you to complete it which i appreciate.
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Great tool for developing conceptual understanding!

I think that this is a great tool that can be set up as a game to help keep the students motivated. It’s a fun way to have the students practice skills at their own level and pace. I like that the tool is free, standard align and that you can manage student progress by student or by class.
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Simple Math Differentiation

I think that this is a great teaching tool for a math educator teaching the common core standards. This program allows for differentiation, and gives immediate feedback to students on their performance. This website also gives educators student performance data, so it is easy to look and see what students are struggling or success with each of the various standards.
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