I used this to have students explain a math or science topic.

Submitted 8 years ago
Steven M.
Steven M.
Gateway Middle School
Monroeville PA, US
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My Take

Great app for students to be creative in your classroom. You may want to have them explain a topic, process, or problem using comics. The only problem I have with the site is you can't save your work. Although I may be mistaken about this problem. The nice part is students can save the image to their device and/or e-mail it to you. My students enjoyed the simplicity of the program and the ability to be creative with math or science.

How I Use It

I had students use this product to create a 3-4 frame comic strip explaining a math or science topic. Students enjoy creating the comics on the site (especially on their iPads--school purchased). Use this site to find lesson plan options for Make Beliefs Comix

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