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Great AI templates help teachers write content for classroom and beyond

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Price: Free
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Pros: Approachable tools and many options for adjusting desired output.

Cons: Those who want to explore open-ended AI may feel limited by the premade AI templates; the generating load times can be slow; grade level is not always appropriate.

Bottom Line: This is a great introduction to generative AI and an easy in for teachers curious to see what all the fuss is about. could be useful for teachers in many ways. The specifically designed tools give teachers lots of ideas about how generative AI can help them. For example, it can take on the busywork and tedium of constantly creating content or looking for just the right way to present a lesson. Teachers can browse the categories -- planning, student support, communication, productivity, and community tools -- to explore the options. 

There are many AI tools within this one product, like a conceptual understanding generator, science lab generator, student work feedback tool, lesson plan generator, academic content generator, syllabus generator, behavior intervention suggestion generator, and many more. 

Once teachers find a tool they like, the more specific information they put into the generator, the more relevant the output will be. Play around with adjusting the output's length, text complexity, and even language to see how little changes can make what comes out more or less useful. Teachers should thoroughly review the output to make sure that it is accurate, up to date, relevant, and appropriate. 

On the first go, the AI output may not be exactly tailored for a specific grade level, so be sure to be as precise as possible when writing your prompts. For example, requesting a science lesson plan about rocks for "5-year-olds" will garner a different response than asking for one for "kindergarteners." Teachers may want to cover some basic guidelines for using AI fairly and safely, such as avoiding using personal, sensitive, or confidential information with the AI bot. also includes an AI coach called Raina, which you can ask education-related questions 24/7. It's compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and offers tailored suggestions, definitions, and other types of targeted responses for new and experienced teachers.

Editor's note: Never enter personal, sensitive, or confidential information into a generative AI model. Any information you put in can become publicly available and be used as training data for future iterations of the tool. If there is ever any doubt about whether or not to enter particular information, do not include it. Be sure to set your privacy settings accordingly before using the tool. uses generative AI to produce a variety of educational and teaching-related content. There are more than 40 tools and content generators designed specifically for teachers within the product to help create content such as lesson plans, grading rubrics, parent emails, IEPs, math word problems, and even jokes. After signing up, teachers access a simple dashboard where they can choose which tool they want to use, from creating a behavior intervention plan to leveling a text's reading level up or down. Each tool works slightly differently, but most ask teachers to indicate grade level, input any relevant background information, and include general instructions for what they'd like to see created for them. The AI then takes over and creates something following the teacher's input. Teachers can then adjust reading level, make the output longer or shorter, ask for it in a summarized form, or translate it into more than 30 languages. When they're happy with the output, they can copy it and paste it wherever they want. offers tools that can help take away some of the busywork and tedium of finding exactly the right words or format for much of what teachers need to create, such as lesson plans, email communications, and syllabi. It's important to remember, however, that the quality of what comes out depends on how well teachers guide the prompts. It's true that can create an assessment rubric, but the more relevant and useful information that teachers give the generator, the better the rubric will be. 

And, as the site makes very clear, teachers still need to look over what comes out to check for accuracy and appropriateness, and customize as needed. So it's not quite time to hand over the reins to AI, but can be a great way for teachers to set a foundation, brainstorm some good ideas, or get some guidance on wording. And it's intuitive to use: Even those who don't know much about AI won't need much practice to see how the tool might help give them a little boost.

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With a clear design, it shouldn't be hard for teachers to get into the tool. The various themed content generators cover a lot of ground, making it likely teachers will find something useful.


Teachers can enhance their materials and communications for greater learning potential. And by cutting down on some of the busywork, teachers could end up with more time for in-depth teaching.


An intro video clearly explains what can do and how to use it. Once in, navigation is straightforward.

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