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Remember the shift from chalkboards to white-background boards?, I believe, as the headline states, is posed to create a substantive shift in our delivery of instruction. I am experienced enough to have taught with chalkboards, and my mom, as a teacher, used that purple ditto machine. The language is simple enough for a technophobic teacher to begin exploring and creating something unique and useful in the blink of an eye. In discussing the ethics of using AI, I dropped a prompt that included Shoemaker Percy Snailkips and directed a continuation of the story. The result was about Percy the Snail, which induced laughter and a great lesson. I'm not a fan of the teacher jokes or songs, but each time I open it, I look for something new and challenging. I don't think the grade-level scaled rvocabulary is accurate, and have dropped an email to that effect.
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GPT 3.5 caged for Educators

Its clearly the early days and you expect a lot of hiccups in it. Still Magic School is a very brilliant execution of prompt engineering done for the educator with minimal input and well made filtering. It is now using the free GPT3.5 engine in the back end and converting the inputs from users into well defined prompts. I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 for the work done by them.
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Using the magic of AI to help educators with almost everything!

I think MagicSchool.AI is a valuable resource for teaching and learning about artificial intelligence. I appreciate how it incorporates feedback and assessment tools that help learners track their progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses.
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