Love it overall

Submitted 5 months ago
Valerie T.
Valerie T.
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
Baltimore MD, US
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My Take

Overall, I think this is a great tool to get students engaged with ad interact in the target language. There are many songs that are up-to-date, so they will keep students interested. One concern is for use with younger children. There are many inappropriate songs with suggestive videos. More mature students can handle it, such as level 3 and 4. I like the different levels of proficiency for students to build their knowledge and skills.

How I Use It

Lyrics Training is an app that students can download to their phones or use in a web browser on their computers. This is an interactive tool for students to listen to songs in the target language, which may be Spanish, French, Japanese, Finnish, and many others. There are many songs to choose from for all ages and a variety of language levels, such as beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. This way students feel comfortable with the level they choose. They can start easy or challenge themselves. It is a great tool for students to practice their listening skills. As they watch a music video, they watch the lyrics and must fill in the blanks with the appropriate word. They listen to songs they like, learn new vocabulary, and can sing along to practice speaking skills. I have not used it yet in my classes, but I will in the upcoming school year.