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Love it overall

Overall, I think this is a great tool to get students engaged with ad interact in the target language. There are many songs that are up-to-date, so they will keep students interested. One concern is for use with younger children. There are many inappropriate songs with suggestive videos. More mature students can handle it, such as level 3 and 4. I like the different levels of proficiency for students to build their knowledge and skills.
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Excellent tool for learnners. Pick a song that's appropriate for your learners. Upload it and the lyrics. The app will do the rest.

I only use it with content that i upload and have previewed.
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Excellent Language Learning Through Song, But Use With Caution

Lyrics Training is an excellent tool for teaching Social Language to English Language Learners. However, I would use this website with caution as many contemporary songs include language and videos that are highly inappropriate in a K-12 school setting. Furthermore, videos are blocked by our district, so students viewed pre-selected videos on my laptop. While it was a bit of an inconvenience, it was a success with a select group of newcomers who needed the boost. If the content would be limited to clean versions of songs and videos, I would highly recommend the approach to teaching language.
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Great listening practice for levels 1-5 !

I have used this in AP French 5 with students who are struggling with authentic listening passages to help train student ears. My students absolutely LOVE this site and use it independently from home in their spare time.
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