Great resource and learning tool for teachers and students

Submitted 8 years ago
Carissa E.
Carissa E.
Browne Academy
Alexandria VA, US
My Rating

My Take

I like that the full version is offered for free to teachers and students. It is easy to set up and access. My favorite aspect is the educational resources and templates that are available to you to use. I also really like that I can create my own templates to meet my needs, my students' needs, and meet the needs of other teachers in my school. It is impossible to lose your work if you have it synced to be backed up with a google account, which I set as a default setting for my school. Students can find their work in Lucidpress or Google Drive. Lucidpress is great for collaboration, too.

How I Use It

Students have used Lucidpress to create posters, mind maps, diagrams, brochures and more! In my first experience with Lucidpress, I created a simple blank brochure template for my students to use for sixth grade science class. I was able to quickly and easily instruct their teacher on how to use Lucidpress. The students made a copy of the template for their own use, and shared the document with their science teacher. This has since been utilized by other teachers, other subjects, and grade levels.