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This web-based program is a great tool to use on Macs, PCs, or Chromebooks! Students and teachers can sign in with Google accounts to create high-quality brochures, reports, and posters.

This is a fantastic tool! The only difference I've seen from the free version to the paid version is the limitations in templates that are available. This is a great tool for group or individual projects.
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Excellent desktop publishing and organizational software - FREE FOR EDUCATORS AND STUDENTS

I cannot rave enough about the ease of use and quality of this product. The bonus for me is that as an educator, I can upgrade myself and my students to a premium account for free: Just fill out the form and Lucidpress will respond quickly. My account was upgraded in less than 48 hours from the time I submitted the application.
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Great resource and learning tool for teachers and students

I like that the full version is offered for free to teachers and students. It is easy to set up and access. My favorite aspect is the educational resources and templates that are available to you to use. I also really like that I can create my own templates to meet my needs, my students' needs, and meet the needs of other teachers in my school. It is impossible to lose your work if you have it synced to be backed up with a google account, which I set as a default setting for my school. Students can find their work in Lucidpress or Google Drive. Lucidpress is great for collaboration, too.
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Professional looking product turns students into graphic designers

What I liked about this program was the fact that the templates provided structure, but allowed just enough choice for students to make the product their own. Building an article from the ground up in another program would not have resulted in something so professional looking. The written part was done prior to using Lucidpress, so students needed to think carefully about how the images, fonts, colors, and layout would best represent their topic. We used the free version, so they only had four newsletter/magazine templates to choose from. I felt this was sufficient. Some students got messages that they could not add another image because they exceeded their storage. They signed up for the free 14 day trial to get around this. I intend to print these out and display them, but they can be digitally published as well. Another feature that the program has, which would be useful if published digitally, is the option to add links to other resources.Overall, the product is user friendly, and contains many advanced features that the students did not need for this project. I highly recommend this product.
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