Online curation tool to assemble a variety of text, media and web object in a collection

Submitted 8 years ago
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3. Live Binders is one of three excellent websites (Symbaloo, Edcanvas being the others) to help you collect, curate and present a variety of digital resources for students. Teachers have used Live Binders to build up a collection of images, resources and links on a specific topic. Students (perhaps Gr.5 and up) might also create an account and have their own Live Binder(s) for individual or collaborative research and presentation. Finally, the final product is easily shared with students (and parents) through our LMS (Learning Management System) AKA Blackboard, or email, Twitter etc.

How I Use It

I used this software to curate professional development tools and materials for colleagues and students on specific topics. The ability to collect and curate a variety of content in terms of format on a specific theme was helpful. The interface is mostly top down menu but very versatile. The option to embed text, multimedia, video, site, QR codes, web objects like tweets or even symbaloos among others is quite useful and complete. Although perhaps a internal to the site slideshow creator would be a good addition. Overall, a serviceable curation with many possibilities for both educators and students . If you are not comfortable with web creation tools, then this site could be helpful for you.