A Visual Nightmare

Submitted 3 years ago
Brad Z.
Brad Z.
Loyola University Maryland
Baltimore MD, US
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My Take

Notes get posted on top of one other, and depending on the length of the note, the font size is different in each box. Trying to navigate through other student's responses amounts to what appears to be only a cute idea, but not a functional way to hold a discussion or brainstorm. I understand the concept of the program; post-it notes are well loved in the educational community. Translating this idea into technology in theory elevates the physical classroom post-it notes to a higher level of technological integration. In practice, this of course does not work, unless the developers create better functionality for the placement of notes, limiting spaces and regulating text size (perhaps with a scroll bar incorporated).

If, as a teacher, my students put physical post-it notes on top of each other in a class exercise, the frustration I'd feel peeling each individual post-it note off of the others is the same frustration I feel with this program.

How I Use It

I used this app as a discussion tool in my graduate school class. The primary strength of this tool is its usability. Only minimal instruction would be necessary to get students engaging with this technology. Usability doesn't always translate to functionality however, and what is a nice idea for an app gets lots quickly amidst the appalling visual debris that is left once everyone is done participating.