Diet Padlet

Submitted 4 years ago
Tiffany B.
Tiffany B.
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
Baltimore MD, US
My Rating

My Take

The app basically felt like a diet, or Great Value version of Padlet. The interface is not user-friendly and does not play well with all computer formats (especially not touchscreen laptops). I could not figure out how to respond to other posts and am unsure if that is even a capability of the application. I would not recommend it as the sole application for discussions, as it does not encourage any form of engagement. When thinking of SAMR, it is merely a substitution for class discussion and not a particularly efficient one.

How I Use It

We utilized this app in order to reflect, as a class, on lessons that we believe could have benefitted from the TPACK model. It fell flat in that we were not able to actually engage each other in any meaningful way. It mimicked staring at random paper Post-it's on a board.