Comprehensive program builds skills for older learners struggling with reading.

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Lexia is a trusted educational company, and their programs are well-grounded in research-based intervention models of learning. This is a paid program---not one that is really accessible to an individual teacher, rather one that requires a school/district purchasing commitment. iPad apps for students to access the activities and teachers to access data are available, but require that a subscription to Lexia Strategies has already been purchased. That said, if a school/district has purchased the program subscription, it is an excellent intervention tool for teachers to use with struggling middle/upper grade students. It is generally well received by students and the data offered to teachers is detailed and very useful in driving instruction.

How I Use It

This product is part of Lexia's set of programs designed to provide computer-based reading intervention for struggling learners. This is geared towards older students (grades 6-12) and has a more "grown up" look than "Core5 Reading" for younger students. The program auto-levels students and monitors for mastery, offering scaffolding and extra practice when students make multiple errors. Students work at their own pace, and the program provides excellent, detailed data reports for teachers to determine where additional instructional support is needed. This program would be better suited to small group intervention work at Tier II and III.

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