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Redefining Reading

I am intrigued by the fact that Lexia does an initial assessment and then there are no more quizes or tests given. It seems like the data collected from the program is very useful for the teacher to be able to see where students are having difficulty and to catch them up with the basic concepts of reading. The teacher dashboard tells at which grade level the student is performing, how successful he/she is and how much of the perscribed time they have actually been using the program. It will group the students according to skill so a teacher can pull them aside and do some reteaching. The program even provides the lessons for teachers to use. I am thinking this would be a hard program to use in a traditional middle school setting, it would be necessary for teachers to "think outside of the box" and maybe require a little more elementary classroom management to pull it off. I am not sure of the cost of the program, the Lexia Core 5 (for k-5) is about $40 per student, this one maybe the same. In my experience, it is challenging to keep sixth graders motivated. I currently have many learners who struggle with reading. I would hope a program like this would help to build their confidence and skill level, but would be concerned about their peers teasing them. Thankfully the program at the lowest levels, does not appear elementary. It uses age appropriate material to address concepts. I have not seen a program made specifically for middle school students. It seems that many in the low income districts have missing pieces and could really do well if all the skills were in place. I would be interested to find out if there is a pilot to this program.

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