Amazing site with a wide variety of digital literacy self placed classes that offer immediate connection to classroom curriculum. Current and relevant topics that relate to all subject areas. Supportive environment of fellow educators.

Submitted 3 years ago
Stacey C.
Stacey C.
Monta Vista High School
Cupertino CA, US
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My Take

KQED Teach is an invaluable teaching tool because it offers relevant course content in a supportive environment. Each course I've taken truly has been an interactive experience with support from the KQED staff as well as other educators taking the course online. It is refreshing to be able to have the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas in such a supportive and caring platform. In turn, I've been able to create curriculum that uses the digital literacy skills that have been that focus of the courses to teach my students not only 21st century skills but also how to respectfully interact online like a community that KQED modeled for me through their courses. I would encourage any educator to take a course on KQED not only for professional enrichment but because through my experiences with KQED Teach I've been able to create a better classroom community. My students are more and more able to use independent choice and express their own thoughts and ideas through digital media. Their truths that I see reflected in these projects is one of my passions for teaching and I cannot thank KQED Teach enough!

How I Use It

KQED Teach offers a wide variety of digital literacy courses that are relevant to any subject area. There are self paced courses as well as on line classes offered. I was able to learn skills such as making an infographic, making a Google map, making a digital timeline and taking online annotations that I took back to the classroom and taught my students and use to this day. The courses offer amazing sources and infographics that can be used in creating curriculum and have allowed me to create assignments that allow my students independent choice to reveal their own voice and truths.