Awesome site to grow your media literacy skills

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I cannot say enough about the benefits of KQED Teach. Loved being able to complete the courses whenever I had time and being able to see what others were doing/interact with other teachers that were learning the same skill was a great experience. Because of Teach I have been able to teach my students how to become responsible creators of media. Thank you KQED teach for an amazing source of professional development for teachers.

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This is a great site to learn about/develop your own digital media literacy. The modules provided for each course are easy to follow and can be completed at your leisure. I have taken almost all of the courses provided and my experience has been transformative. From developing a code of conduct for online presence to teaching students about blogging and how to create better presentations, you are only limited by your own time. taking these courses has made me the "go-to person" when it comes to media literacy in my district.

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