Great tool for using less paper

Submitted 4 years ago
Sarah H.
Sarah H.
Jefferson Middle School
Olympia WA, US
My Rating

My Take

I like Kami and will continue to use it in my classroom. I really appreciate having the ability to take the PDFs provided with my school curriculum and transform them into interactive documents for my students. I will probably use the text and highlighting tools most. The drawing tools were fun, but proved to be a distraction.
The kids enjoyed working in Kami as well. One student said, " I wish we could do this in every class."
I do feel like the turn in and distribution are not as seamless as I would like, even with Schoology. But once students are in the Kami program, it works great. If you have computers that switch between computer-mode and tablet-mode, computer-mode works best. I also think some of the tools, especially the one for drawing, work best on a touch screen device.

How I Use It

I have used Kami to annotate materials (particularly PDFs) for distribution to students and as a method for students to show their work digitally. Kids can annotate, create text boxes, highlight, and draw over documents. It works best in conjunction with a classroom management program (Schoology, Google Classroom, etc...), to distribute and collect assignments. Overall, Kami is a great tool for those looking to use less paper and more technology.