Necessary Tool When Going 1:1 Chromebooks

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

Kami is an essential tool when working with PDFs in th classroom. Schools going 1:1 with Chromebooks should invest in the pro version which provides students with all the tools available, Google Classroom Integration, and makes the information shared COPPA, SOPIPA, and FERPA Compliant. While this tool can easily be viewed as a worksheet replacement the reality is proper introduction and training can show teachers and students the power it has with Auto OCR, collaboartion via Google Drive, and the ability to annote on text and images. Teachers can connec to the projectors and interactve boards to model best practices while students can use this tool to work towards becoming a paperless classroom.

How I Use It

Kami is everything I need for a pdf reader, and it integrates into Google Drive. First off it provides the ability to open up pdfs in multiple tabs. Then it features the ability to highlight and annotate pdfs with a variety of tools including my most used, highlighting in an array of colors, strikethrough, underline, comment via text in multiple colors, audio, or video, and text boxes in various colors. Other tools available include adding images, shapes, drawings, and equations. Kami then stores all annotations to the cloud, downloads, or integrates into Google Drive. This tool is used with students for note-taking during class, note taking during research, analyzing text, graphing and working with 2D shapes and other equations. Students can work on pdfs, save it to their drive, and submit their work to their teachers. Special needs and ELL students specifically use the Text-to-Speech tool to assist them in their learning.