I was able to use this for a home review type activity as well as a center during guided math- it was very purposeful.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

The purposeful information that I was able to gain on each student and the easy access was extremely valuable. The app and website were user-friendly and allowed me to assign practice and reteach while avoiding the unmotivating worksheets that are often used. The screen is clean and neat and could possibly use a few more "pretties" for a visual appeal. The medals were enjoyed by the students and created enthusiasm throughout the class. Parents were pleased with the practice available online and the technology involved.

How I Use It

I conducted a survey to see which families had internet or app access. Then using the STAR math results for each student I printed the skills from the IXL guide and highlighted the areas that a student was weak in and sent this home as a guide to which areas needed to be practiced. I suggested 10 minutes Monday through Thursday and would check the IXL website each morning to see who completed 10 or more minutes. The students without internet/app access worked in a teacher created individual folder that correlated with their STAR needs report. These students then used the IXL program in class during centertime. We had a competition for the total number of medals earned and had a displayed bar graph in the room to follow progress. If the student reached the "100 medal club" they enjoyed a lunch with the teacher. Such fun!