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This is awful. If you miss one question it drops you ten points, but if you get one right you only get one point. That doesn't make sense. A kid that's frustrated already and doesn't understand isn't going to keep after it and actually learn something. 120 questions for an 8th grader is a bit ridiculous, especially when the set percentage is 90% and the teacher isn't actually teaching anything.
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Great practice for students and aligns with Common Core Standards

Overall, I liked using IXL as extra practice in the classroom and at home. The website is visually appealing and simple to use. It provides additional resources to keep track of student progress and information for parents. I liked that I can see which questions my students missed as well as how long it took them to complete or master the skill. I also like that IXL provides students with the correct answer, an explanation when they miss a question, and examples that show how to solve the problem. I would like to see a "kid-friendly" version of IXL for lower grades and a larger font size.
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Great way to study for a quiz!

I love this product! This is a product where the students can not only use in the classroom but they can use it at home, either on their computer, their phone or any other electronic device that can download the app. I enjoy it because it is a quick way for students to practice and help prepare themselves for tests, quizzes or projects. Students receive instant feedback if they got the question correct or not. If they did not get the question correct, IXL provides the solution and explains the problem. IXL has the areas of Pre-K- 12th grade with the topics of math, language arts, social studies, and science. In each area, IXL breaks down all the units with sub topics that align with common core. For example, if I am teaching a lesson on Exponents, I can have the students select F.11 that focuses on the product rule where they can practice problems only using that rule. The only catch would be you have to pay to become a member, but I believe this product is worth the money.
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Great tool for students who finish their assignments quickly.

I used IXL as an exit card. I had the students do 10 problems and stop. I was able to pull up their results and see what level they achieved. I then split them into groups for the next days lesson so that they were able to help each other. I also have daily practice assignments listed for the students to work on when they finish their in class assignments.
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Great interactive tool for students! An easy way for teacher to support class, specially when students are done with their classroom tasks. It´s practical and easy to use, awards can be used to motivate students to keep practicing.

As a teaching tool I found IXL a great way to help me with my students, so anyone is left behind. With different lessons, I select them according to every student needs, so the group can keep up. Awards in the "Math" section are great, I use them along with other school awards as well, for example, if a student comes up with a "star" , he can have an extra 5 points in a quizz, or 2 points in the monthly test. It would be great if this Awards system can be used as well for Language arts, it only applies for Math.
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Don't keep paying for this! There is a better way!

IXL is a frustrating and tedious way to learn. Why? Because of the websites "SmartScore" system that uses advanced "algorithms" and whatnot. All that really happens is the more you move on the less points you get for a question answered correctly and more points for a question answered incorrectly. For example, at the beginning you get 10 points for a question answered correctly, then, at 20%, you get 8 points, and at 30% you get 7 points, etc. At 90%, you loose at least 7-10 points, and this is the most frustrating thing about the site. And what is the reward for succeeding? Pictures! Earn pictures of stuff to use on your profile picture that no one will see! And how are educators and school systems roped in? "Fun and easy way to learn" plastered all over the site. But anytime I bring this up around an adult, they just say "Its because you don't like learning." But that's not the case. I would switch to Khan Academy in a heartbeat if I wasn't using IXL. No frustration, and you earn REAL prizes, and there are a lot more classes that IXL could ever have, they even teach javascript! If you want to practice math, do Khan Academy, for the sake of your students. But don't do IXL ELA, Just find another site, but stop paying for IXL, its not worth your hard earned money.
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Excellent Math Practice Tool

Overall, IXL Math Practice is an excellent tool. I have had great success. Whenever I had a question - no matter how small - about the product and contacted customer service, they were extremely helpful and quick to respond. Like the fact that this tool provides such great detailed feedback to students with incorrect answers. I have had students re-work incorrect answers on paper with the help of the feedback. The students have also enjoyed using the tool.
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Excellent differentiated teaching tool.

Every teacher that I have encountered that has used this tool has loved it. Teachers can assign specific skills for students to practice (all standards based). It could be used for frontloading, practice, or review.
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Excellent for students to practice skill at home!

I think this is a very good product for students. It serves to support students in their learning and gives them extra practice.
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Math practice aligned to common core

I really enjoyed this because students practice at their own pace or level. They enjoy using it and seeing their progress. It will give them incentives in order to get them practicing math everyday. The only down fall is that you can try it for free, but if you like it then you have to pay for it once the free trial is over.
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