Great way to study for a quiz!

Submitted 6 years ago
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I love this product! This is a product where the students can not only use in the classroom but they can use it at home, either on their computer, their phone or any other electronic device that can download the app. I enjoy it because it is a quick way for students to practice and help prepare themselves for tests, quizzes or projects. Students receive instant feedback if they got the question correct or not. If they did not get the question correct, IXL provides the solution and explains the problem. IXL has the areas of Pre-K- 12th grade with the topics of math, language arts, social studies, and science. In each area, IXL breaks down all the units with sub topics that align with common core. For example, if I am teaching a lesson on Exponents, I can have the students select F.11 that focuses on the product rule where they can practice problems only using that rule. The only catch would be you have to pay to become a member, but I believe this product is worth the money.

How I Use It

I first discovered this website from a fellow teacher during a tutoring session. Since then, I have used it as extra help for students in my activity period, after my tests/quizzes, after county wide testing, as exit tickets and as a form of classroom competition. Every situation I have used this website, it has worked extremely well. The students are engaged the whole time and love seeing the instant feedback. The only suggestion I could make for this product would be to introduce some sort of competition within the website. For example, selecting another student in the classroom to compete against, or as a whole class competition.