Great way to differentiate!

Submitted 9 years ago
Colleen M.
Colleen M.
Lakeshore Elementary School
Holland MI, US
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My Take

I really think that this is a great tool to help differentiate in the classroom. I like how the students can earn rewards and that keeps them engaged. Students also enjoy the rating at the top that shows how well they are doing. They LOVE to show me when they earn medals. I would like to be able to "push" or "assign" specific standards to students. This could be done ahead of time and I would know students were working on the things that I want them working on. On occasion, I have students that stray away from the things I have asked them to work on and being able to assign standards would help with that. I also like that this tool can be used at home because it is based on log in information. I have been able to have students work on this at home on snow days as well as during the summer! This helps keep students learning even when they are not "in" my classroom!

How I Use It

I used this product in my classroom as a way to differentiate with my class. Once a week I have been able to get iPads for my entire class. I am able to give each student specific standards to work on. I choose these standards based on what we are working on in class as well as standards that students have shown me they need continued practice on. I also like that I can have students work ahead or behind of their grade level. I am able to push students ahead if they need to be pushed which helps with continued engagement of all of my students. I also use this time to pull students one on one if needed and work with them on a specific concept they may be struggling with understanding.