Vlogging starter-kit will low risk in publishing

Submitted 8 years ago
Brandon Z.
Brandon Z.
Sanger High School
Sanger CA, US
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My Take

iMovie is a great, and really easy tool to try and integrate an avenue for students to record themselves and create a product that they have lots of control over and freedom to create something to show their learning.

I have seen iMovie used to create book trailers, trailers for plays, and game shows for their social studies classes. Students have a lot of fun using the tool which allows for invested work/products that they will produce. One difficult process in using the app, compared to the program on a laptop or desktop is the difference in how it looks and is used. The app allows for most of the features but does lack some access when it comes to editing. The program is easier to use due to what's on the screen and what buttons you can push to change, augment, shift the film in an editing process.

Overall, the app, or the program, for any simple filming needs for students to create a product, iMovie is a easy and effective tool.

How I Use It

I have used this app and program quite a few times in class for various tasks. I used it as an introduction to technology and an interview process of asking questions where students walked around the room and recorded another student answering those questions. This activity was due to a means of getting use to the program, learning how to edit, how to play with the sound, and how to add transitions. Students need the opportunity to “play” with the app to get to the point of being comfortable, and confident to change and push for bigger and better products.
As students become more comfortable with the app, students have the ability to change, augment, and “ramp-up” their videos to however they choose will be the best way to present their material (but be sure to limit their time for the video).

While teaching poetry, students had to find a poem that was particular to them. They had to memorize it, then recite it to the class while also turning in an essay stating the poem’s significance to them. Time wise, every student reciting a poem wasn’t going to be the most efficient, so as a means of still holding them accountable, students filmed themselves reciting their poem. The writing was the most important part for me, but this turned into how they were going to share what they did, via our Google Plus community.

From the filming, students were able to export their video to our Google Plus community on the discussion board, as a means of sharing. But the variety of videos, the different angles and shots they used, what they chose to shoot in the frame, was the amazing part. So different, but also because their poems were all different. A lot of choice, and a lot of amazing work and done in one class period.