Excellent coding app, especially for younger students..

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Hopscotch really drove a lot of student driven collaboration. They would experiment, get the sprites to do something, then share with a friend. It really allowed me to be a guide on the side. I do wish the sharing and saving system was better. When working with iPads from a cart it was sometimes discouraging for students to lose their code when another student used it. Maybe a system like Scratch uses would be helpful. All in all Hopscotch is my favorite coding app for young minds who want to see their work in motion immediately.

How I Use It

I introduced it first in my classroom for the hour of code. My 3rd grade students and I followed along with a YouTube video, pausing to explore every few directions. From that day I added it to what I was calling a "technology workshop" during our computer lab time. My students loved working in pairs to code and make games. I also used it in my Maker's Club with 2nd and 3rd graders. When working with Kindergartners we used cards to program a friend before they worked on the iPads.