A great way to practice the language of the future.

Submitted 8 years ago
Henderson M.
Henderson M.
Boyce Middle School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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My Take

I would recommend this app to practice coding, but not necessarily to teach coding. It is advanced for students who do not understand the basics of programming. I am amazed at what some of my students are able to create and how some of my students achieve a real passion for programming. I would highly recommend this app to any teacher looking to infuse some creativity into there room as well as teach an extremely important 21st century skill.

How I Use It

I have used Hopscotch for two years. I have had my students doing computer programing and this is the first app that I came across that allows the students complete freedom and creativity. Other apps are better at teaching coding or programming, but I like the apps freedom. Once students know how to use the "blocky" method of programing, the students can then create their own programs. The latest update has offered a tremendous amount of new tools available for the students to use. There is a lot of technical support and ideas that come from the company. I typically receive an email newsletter once a month with ideas. I have used the "Tynker" app of code.org to teach the students early programing and then I move into this app to allow the students ultimate creativity. I like to use this app during the holidays and challenge the students to create something about or for that specific holiday.