Happy Numbers is one of the best online Pre-K-5 math apps that every teacher should use.

Submitted 1 year ago
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My Take

I mainly use it as an independent math station that feels like having an assistant teacher for each student.

Things I like:
- Students log in easily and pick up right where they left off each time
- Screens all look different, so there’s no direct competition or pressure to keep up with other students
- It narrates any on-screen text (in English or Spanish)
- Math growth is measurable (My daughter won Kangaroo Math competition)
- Great reporting, I always know where my students have difficulties
- Can easily reassign or exclude topics
- Great product to keep the class quite and under control
- Has child friendly interface

Things I don't like:
- While it's one of the most affordable math programs still you have to pay
- Can get expensive for a large class
- Lessons don't have printout materials
- It's better for children who are behind (closing learning gaps) but not challenging enough for the best performers

How I Use It

My students spend about 60 minutes per week on Happy Numbers. They might spend about 15 minutes daily at a math station, longer sessions 2-3 times per week.