Happy Numbers; Happy Kids!

Submitted 4 years ago
Suzanne T.
Suzanne T.
Jordan Hills Elementary School
West Jordan UT, US
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My Take

Overall, I would continue to use Happy Numbers. I like how skills are presented in a different way from our main math curriculum. I have a free account provided by my school for testing this spring. I'd like to see a more robust teacher platform so I could see more information if my kids are struggling. The placement test seems to be limited so kids aren't placed more than one grade level below the class but some of my kids need to be placed more than a year below grade level to be able to work on their own level. The program does allow for me to go in and manually assign lower grade levels. I really like how well the skills are matched to our core curriculum.

How I Use It

Happy Numbers allows students to work on their own level to practice and master math skills. It is very visual, so it appeals to some students who aren't as involved in traditional lecture type lessons. Students first take a placement test which places them on a level to begin. It is suggested students do 45 minutes of work a week. The kids enjoy the assignments, and I like that they can practice independently.

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