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Love, love love Happy Numbers

I love that I can see in real time what a student is struggling with and address it immediately. Happy numbers does a great job of reporting out where a student is struggling and has a great interface to address their understanding. I have been using it for two years and I will continue to use it…it is fantastic.
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Happy Numbers is one of the best online Pre-K-5 math apps that every teacher should use.

I mainly use it as an independent math station that feels like having an assistant teacher for each student. Things I like: - Students log in easily and pick up right where they left off each time - Screens all look different, so there’s no direct competition or pressure to keep up with other students - It narrates any on-screen text (in English or Spanish) - Math growth is measurable (My daughter won Kangaroo Math competition) - Great reporting, I always know where my students have difficulties - Can easily reassign or exclude topics - Great product to keep the class quite and under control - Has child friendly interface Things I don't like: - While it's one of the most affordable math programs still you have to pay - Can get expensive for a large class - Lessons don't have printout materials - It's better for children who are behind (closing learning gaps) but not challenging enough for the best performers
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A good tool but with very poor support

We have chosen Happy numbers over other solutions because it has a pedagogical approach closely related to our philosophy and a great acceptance among students and parents, and because it is in Spanish. The big problem (and the contradiction) is that although it is in Spanish, it is not suitable for the school calendar of the countries of the southern hemisphere, and technical support takes days to respond to requests.
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Happy Numbers; Happy Kids!

Overall, I would continue to use Happy Numbers. I like how skills are presented in a different way from our main math curriculum. I have a free account provided by my school for testing this spring. I'd like to see a more robust teacher platform so I could see more information if my kids are struggling. The placement test seems to be limited so kids aren't placed more than one grade level below the class but some of my kids need to be placed more than a year below grade level to be able to work on their own level. The program does allow for me to go in and manually assign lower grade levels. I really like how well the skills are matched to our core curriculum.
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