Absoultely great free tool~!

Submitted 7 years ago
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There are several ways to utilize Good Drive as a teaching tool, in fact, something as simple as maps/directions help students who are English learners to better understand writing structure and how transition words lead the reader through written work. I've also used maps/directions in a lesson where students created a field trip plan. Students compare and contrast various modes, days, routes, and times of transportation to and from the trip and after collecting data and analyzing all factors, students find the best time, route, mode, and day to take the trip! Students have also used sheets to compare data and create graphs!

How I Use It

I use Google Drive as my main "go to" for survey's, student collaboration, and help with organization. Many students do not have computers at home, so Google Drive is a life saver for this population as students are able to access their work (homework and various written assignments) at the library or during an after school program. In addition, if students do no have Word installed on a home computer, they are able to use Google Drive to process word documents. I also use Google Drive to teach students how to organize files (naming, creating folders, and storing) for easy access. The only con, a student forgetting his/her password.