Gets students collaborating with teachers and each other!

Submitted 2 years ago
Joseph D.
Joseph D.
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I really enjoy this product personally, both when working on projects with other educators or setting up lessons. It is versatile and flexible, and I think the biggest weakness is that it seems very intuitive and as a result people rarely look beyond surface level features of collaborative typing.

How I Use It

Google Drive has been excellent in my experience to promote student collaboration. Just the basic system of allowing students to use the classic electronic document editing format together is a great way to get them working together. They can work together in their own ways, which I have seen range from all going sentence by sentence collaborating to working on entirely different sections of a work side by side and occasionally pausing to review. The more advanced students get, you can begin having them create presentations through shared drive documents as well as responding to discussions or engaging directly with one another. From a SAMR model standpoint you have complete flexibility to incorporate the technology in whatever way you choose, as the only limit to incorporation is how well you know the options available to you.