Shabby Chic - the Google Cardboard Viewer!

Submitted 6 years ago
Emelina A.
Emelina A.
Currently a Teacher Assistant at a University
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I prefer to break up my teaching style and approach to the weekly lessons as much as possible to keep the interest level high. When the students are smiling and excitedly commenting about a lesson then I know I have higher chances of them coming back to class next week and them not skipping class. I think this would definitely be an educational tool the class would be excited over.

How I Use It

I teach at the college level. I want to have my class create 360 photos while on campus using a free app on their phone then upload the image file to a dropbox in our Sakai (eLearning platform) shell. So other classmates may go through other student's submissions on a project. They would use the Google Cardboard Viewers in class to literally look around and post comments.