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Great tool!

I think it works great as teaching tool. Its easy to use and affordable. Two of my favorite things. I would highly suggest it for littler ones. However, if you easily get motion sick, I would not suggest partaking in this activity. I liked it other than the motion sickness part! It did what it was created to do and I could not have been more happier with the results. Everyone was completely engaged and had fun using the devices.
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Interactive Virtual Reality Tours

I feel this is usable for all students, you can use it in any setting and the students do not have to use the google cardboard viewer if a student gets sick from looking into the viewer they can just hold the phone or iPad in their lap and watch the tour. I
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Great Interactive Virtual Reality!

I think that this project as a teaching tool is very effective. I liked the changing of scenes that take you to something completely different. This is not supplemental to my teaching it will serve as an aid for better understanding.
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Exploring the world in the classroom

I love it as a teaching tool. I would recommend this to any teacher. It is something that all kids will love and never get bored of. It is like stepping into a whole different world. Or like a field trip to places we cannot physically go, like the bottom of the ocean. It can serve kids by showing them things that they could have never seen in their life.
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LOVE Google Cardboard

Overall, I would definitely use this in a classroom (using it to further student's understand). While this is a great tool, I do worry the technology is not completely there and the price is a concern. While Google Cardboard is somewhat cheap, buying headsets for a whole classroom is rather unreasonable. With small groups, I think this could be a transformative tool though!
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Immerse Your Students in VIrtual Field trips

I see myself utilizing this cost effective tool in my classroom. It would work wonderful for students with special needs that may have a hard time on field trips where there are a lot of other people. The options are increasing every day and will eventually be endless. I would say the cardboard is easy to use after the initial set up. Depending on the phone positioning and size, you could end up looking at things in double vision or feeling crosseyed.
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Google Cardboard is quality, affordable teaching tool

I like this teaching tool. I liked that each student works individually and will have their own cardboard. I liked the actual technology, it was very cool, very engaging. One problem for elementary students would be finding 20-30 smartphones for them to use. However, this can be solved by observing the cardboard one at a time. Also the construction of the cardboard makes me nervous for the fate of a phone in the cardboard in the hands of a first grader. They like to throw..
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Google Cardboard is great, but could use slight improvements.

This app is paired with the google cardboard glasses ($10) and for what its worth, it is fantastic! The real VR machines may give the students a more clear and authentic experience, but you can't beat a $10 pair of glasses and a free app to give students a virtual tour of historical sites. The images were slightly blurry and may give students a headache if used too often.
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Interactive way for students to learn about the world around them

It is a good overview for students to learn about different places on earth, but they would still need to do prior research to be able to identify what they are looking at.
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we live outside the cardbord box

I don't like that teachers can't guide the trip and this lead to a few frustrations also some students complained of dizziness and strained eyes.
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