A powerful tool for investigating geometric properties and principles.

Submitted 8 years ago
Jonathan F.
Jonathan F.
Technology coordinator
K–12 school
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We should point out that the app itself, while entertaining, needs teacher support in order to fulfill its full educational potential. Giving students Geometry Pad without a project or problem in mind might be similar to simply handing a child a calculator. That said, as a tool for allowing students to experience a dynamic geometry environment, Geometry Pad hits the mark. The interface is relatively intuitive for students. Some operations, however, are less intuitive and require some experimentation or reference to the developers’ comprehensive web resources.

We appreciated the way the app fit into the units for which we used it, and we plan to use it again this year.

How I Use It

Our Grade 6 math teacher used the pro version of this app to explore a geometric proof of the Pythagorean theorem. Students began by drawing a right triangle and creating squares based on the lengths of each side. They then divided the squares based on the legs and manipulated the pieces in order to fill the square based on the hypotenuse, thus proving the theorem.

Students also used the app to explore reflection, rotation, translation, and glide reflection as part of an interdisciplinary unit about the Moors of Spain. After examining Islamic art of the period, students identified geometric transformations found in the art and re-created them on Geometry Pad. Their final designs were used as inspiration for a print-making project in art class.