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Pros: This digital workbook is a fun and interactive way for kids to explore geometric figures and concepts.

Cons: Drawing figures and using some of the tools can be tricky, which could frustrate some kids.

Bottom Line: This free version has limited features, but it's an interactive, tech-savvy way for kids to explore advanced geometry.

Use Geometry Pad as a small-group exploratory activity following geometry lessons. For example, after kids learn about special triangles, have them construct specific triangles and measure their angles and/or sides to support various theorems. Kids can share their constructions with classmates and discuss their similarities and differences.

Geometry Pad is an interactive workbook that kids can use to create, manipulate, and measure figures. When kids first open the workbook, a numbered, four-quadrant grid is displayed. There are tool icons along the bottom of the grid, and settings and save options along the top. To get started, kids tap on the tool they wish to use and follow on-screen prompts in order to create a figure. Some of the more dynamic features include options to construct special triangles and quadrilaterals, a pencil to draw freehand annotations, and a tool to create bisectors, altitudes, and medians. Kids can save documents in various formats for easy sharing.

Geometry Pad is a reference tool, so kids don't get instruction or assessment. However, it's a great way for them to investigate geometric concepts in an interactive, yet unstructured, setting. Kids can deepen their understanding of shape attributes in a highly visual and interactive experience. They can explore features of circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, ellipses, vectors, lines, angles, and more. Using the tool also increases kids' confidence in the use of technology. Since the app doesn't include embedded instructions, it's a good idea to give kids plenty of time to learn how to use all the tools and features.

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Kids are empowered to use tools in order to construct and measure geometric figures. There are plenty of engaging options for measuring and manipulating. 


Kids can clearly visualize and work with essential geometric concepts including transformations, parallel and perpendicular lines, and bisectors. 


Instructions are lacking, but there are demo videos on the developer's website. 

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A powerful tool for investigating geometric properties and principles.

We should point out that the app itself, while entertaining, needs teacher support in order to fulfill its full educational potential. Giving students Geometry Pad without a project or problem in mind might be similar to simply handing a child a calculator. That said, as a tool for allowing students to experience a dynamic geometry environment, Geometry Pad hits the mark. The interface is relatively intuitive for students. Some operations, however, are less intuitive and require some experimentation or reference to the developers’ comprehensive web resources.

We appreciated the way the app fit into the units for which we used it, and we plan to use it again this year.

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