Exciting game for students to work together to apply their geographical knowledge!

Submitted 7 months ago
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My Take

I love that students can learn more about the world by actually feeling like they are standing on the road in a different state or country. It could be hard for those with no experience with the location, but if we just had a lesson about a certain country or area, then it could be fun for the students to actually see what we were talking about. If we do a round about landmarks, they could go back to their notes and figure out where we are. Since it is a really simple game, students may not retain a lot of what places look like, but they may remember what certain languages look like or what colors are on a certain country's flag, allowing them to apply this information to other things their whole life.

How I Use It

Geoguessr is a great resource for students to learn more about the world and also apply what they already know. The game itself doesn't teach the students a lot without input from the teacher or a student with more knowledge about the location in question. I would like to show the game on the front board and let the students talk amongst themselves to try to figure out where we are in the world. They would also be allowed to play the game when they are done with other lesson activities, since it is still educational.