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Engaging geography game that challenges student's ability to predict a location

This game is super fun and really sparks a student's competitive aspect which is able to drive engagement and teach them a lot about world geography.
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A great way to learn and apply geographical knowledge while having fun

Overall, Geoguessr is a fun way for students to learn more about the world. Due to utilizing Google Earth, it feels immersive, almost like they are standing there themselves. This could be a great way to learn more about a region after just learning about it in geography or history class.
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Exciting game for students to work together to apply their geographical knowledge!

I love that students can learn more about the world by actually feeling like they are standing on the road in a different state or country. It could be hard for those with no experience with the location, but if we just had a lesson about a certain country or area, then it could be fun for the students to actually see what we were talking about. If we do a round about landmarks, they could go back to their notes and figure out where we are. Since it is a really simple game, students may not retain a lot of what places look like, but they may remember what certain languages look like or what colors are on a certain country's flag, allowing them to apply this information to other things their whole life.
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Fun Geography Game that Helps Students Think for Critically

Overall this a very fun website that I enjoyed using. It stimulates different parts of the brain to come up with an educative guess of where this location is on the world. GeoGuesser is very addictive and keeps students engaged while playing this game. I would say this is a good mix of being fun as well as educational that will entertain many different people.
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Interesting tool for teaching students about geography!

This resource is a significantly interesting teaching tool. It is definitely more game than educational device, but that means it will keep your students interested and wanting to continue playing. Some of the modes are blocked behind payment walls, but getting one copy and playing it in class on a projector and having students all participate is a relatively easy solution.
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A great guessing game

This game is a great for getting students to learn about different languages, architecture, and natural features, and learn about where those features are common.
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Helps people see the world!

I think this is a great experience for students to be able to see parts of the world that they have never been to. It shows how people assume certain places look like, and educates the player in the way that a simple image can be anywhere! I really enjoyed it and think it teaches people a lot they don't know about geographic locations.
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My students love to play this game in class. It's great for teaching aspects of culture like looking for the alphabet type on signs as a clue to where you are.

I play on my own time because it's fun.
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A thinking person's approach to geography

Geoguessr is ideal for getting people thinking. With minimal clues, students and teachers have to use their knowledge of geography (which is not just memorising a map) to figure out a location. Factors like climate, vegetation, topography, and resources all come into play. Students draw upon their knowledge of these to come up with answers.
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Exploring the World through Google Maps! Guess where you are by studying your surroundings!

I think this is a great website that allows students to explore locations on a map. Instead of just seeing the location on a map, it allows them to view the landscape, people and environment. Some of them found the arrows and scrolling a little difficult to maneuver, but overall they caught on quite easily. Since it is a website, there was no sign-up or account required, which is really nice. I also appreciate that they can play or practice this skill anywhere. Many of my students have accessed it at home, and even involved their parents in the guesses!
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