GeoGuessr is an engaging "Guess Where You Are" geography experience!

Submitted 8 years ago
Marla Kay D.
Marla Kay D.
Forest Lake Education Center
Longwood FL, US
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My Take

Last school year, this was the game that my students requested the most.. Any time we finished early, the question arose, "Can we play GeoGuessr?". Sometimes we formed teams, and played it like a team sport. The best outcome for me, was watching students learn to work with each other, compromise and think more logically rather than just "spurt" out a guess. If there was a question, often times students would look up the answers right then on their smart phones. I limited "play time" to ten minutes or less, depending on the situation. Then, we talked about similarities and differences in the locations where we were sent. I heard students discussing their observations and findings as they passed between classes. Overall, this is a teaching tool that could be used in a variety of subject areas.

How I Use It

GeoGuessr can be "addictive"! Showing it on the interactive board creates an exciting game of "Where in the world are we?"! Not only for Social Studies teachers, this game can incorporate practice in problem-solving, logic and team spirit. I found GeoGuessr to be a great activity if you have a few extra minutes at the end of a class. Students love it, are very engaged and it has promoted student research on their own when questions about locations arise during the game.