Great alternative!

Submitted 8 years ago
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Overall I really like this site. It does take a lot of instruction to get the students up and running but if you set aside time to guide the students through it they will catch on in no time. I like that ability to create your own problems as well as utilize theirs and that there are over 40,000 different resources that teachers can access. It is also interactive which is a great alternative to the whole paper and pencil approach because it give the students the opportunity to activate their higher level thinking skills. I also like that it aligns with the common core standards and is very similar to geometers sketchpad but is free!! I would definitely recommend this to staff

How I Use It

This tool is a great alternative to Geometers sketchpad not only because it encompasses all that sketchpad has to offer and more but because it's free. We currently use sketchpad in my district but am taking this site back to my department and looking into using it. I like that I can project this on the screen and walk my students through how to use it and show them an alternate way to learn as opposed to me just using a white board and paper. It also is a great graphing calculator and plan on using it in my classroom that way. I like how they offer you the chance to create your own problems or utilize theirs. It allows for students to experiment on their own and get the creative juices flowing.