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The best graphing calculator online

My favorite part of using GeoGebra is that it is a quick and simple program to use during a lecture. Students can participate in checking their graphs to make sure that it has been graph correctly. This program allows adding multiple graphs at the same time which can help compare and contrast the different types of graphs.
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Glitchy and confusing

This product defies the norms of any online/technological tool you've ever used because it absolutely sucks. Attempting to make a simple program that plots points is a pain. Trying to fix any error you made by opening up the tool box or settings just results in further confusion.
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Great interactive technology

This tool can be used to help students gain a deeper understanding of the material. In order to limit the frustrations of students and teachers, time must be set aside prior to learn and understand how to use all of the tools included. An information tutorial should also be viewed. If this tool could be easier to navigate, it could easily surpass other tools like it.
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Taking Equations from Boring and Static to Engaging and Dynamic

I really like GeoGebra for a number of reasons. First and foremost is that it allows students to really see, and manipulate, equations, numbers and formulas in a way that highlights what they really mean and what they are trying to tell us. It also speeds up some of the time consuming processes associated with drawing graphs and images by hand, which can quickly become frustrating for students. Instead it allows them to quickly create and manipulate images on their computer or device. Secondly, GeoGebra has a number of pre-made worksheets available on their website that allows students to explore concepts without having to set up the images and formulas themselves. This can be highly useful for teachers that have a large amount of information to get through with their students but often not a lot of time. However, the worksheets available on the GeoGebra website do range in quality and usability and require careful selection by the teacher before providing them to students. Finally, GeoGebra itself (the company) is incredibly supportive of those who wish to use their platform. They provide the software for free and there are a lot of apps and extensions constantly being created that improve the reach of the program (including a new AR app that is fantastic). However, I do have two main issues with the program. First, there can be a steep learning curve depending on what you want to do and, while the online resources do help with this, the teacher does need to be quite knowledgable with the program before providing it to their students in order to really get the full effect. If not, the students can quickly become frustrated and the 'picky' aspects of the program can undermine its overall purpose. Secondly, I did find that once a concept was covered the students quickly became bored with the tool. For the pre-made resources this often included moving the slider once or twice and then losing interest. For the step by step instructions once the image was created the students were ready to move on to other topics or resources. Overall, I really like using GeoGebra. It showcases math in a new and interactive way and really brings math to life, especially Geometry. It's a great tool for bringing equations to life across multiple math areas and I highly recommend it for students and teachers alike!
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Oh the simulations you can make! Great tool for providing visuals of dynamic situations.

I absolutely love Geogebra! I love that it is a free resource and that via their website, files can be opened and shared. I would say that the only downside to using this program is that it takes some time to learn the ins and outs of the programming (both for the teacher and the student). However, there are a lot of resources online - so whenever I have an issue, I just search for how to make what I want appear (or I ask a knowledgeable friend). I would suggest that if you want your students to use this program, that you have a lesson on how to perform basic operations in Geogebra so that students can focus on the mathematics first and foremost. Being able to program really useful simulations and diagrams requires that one really know the mathematics behind the problem. This can be a great way to lesson plan. If you find yourself struggling to construct what you want, you can anticipate students will likely struggle with the same mathematical issue.
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Make Algebra Come to Life

As a teaching tool it is a must have. I love how easy it is to graph and explore different scenarios with a problem. I love the clear design and how each different input is color coded. Very easy to use with helpful tutorials.
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excellent introduction to angles with parallel lines

I like the interactivity of the diagrams where the kids can manipulate the drawings so they can explore what happens to the angles when they move the lines around. I think the tutorials should be the first thing they give you the first time you sign up. I see great potential with the interactive worksheets for the students to use later on in the course. I really like the ability to enter LaTeX for formulas that are beyond a strictly text inputs
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Geometry and algebra united creating an engaging environment for learning and demonstrating what has been learned.

This is an excellent teaching tool to demonstrate concepts of constructions and how they can be used. It also lends itself for proving many algebraic concepts while providing the visuals that can reinforce how the different maths are related and intertwined. Starting the learning process earlier in the students' careers they can accomplish an earlier mastery to use the application for more complex mathematical concepts. One problem I found difficult for students is the help manuals is not always friendly for the lower level performing students.
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Interactive Math is a great option

I like that I can "build" books of content for my students to complete. This allows me to guide them more specifically and completely. I can also contribute to (or alter) existing content. This is a very powerful tool that works online, through iPads, Android, Chromebooks and Surfaces. This kind of flexibility can't be bought...because it's all free!
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