Geogebra for every math student! Purely awesome.

Submitted 9 years ago
Anthony  D.
Anthony D.
Zeeland East High School
Zeeland MI, US
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My Take

I greatly appreciate the resources, tools, and support the Geogebra community has created for math education. I think this is an incredible tool that offers students the ability to learn and interacte with math concepts. Geogebra for everyone!

How I Use It

Geogebra and offer my students the ability to visualize and interact with algebraic, geometric, and calculus based concepts. Students can create their own sketches to prove theorems, predict patters, and test relationships of functions and figures. Geogebra is a great tool for interactive and dynamic mathematics. I create sketches for my students to explore and use when introducing a new concept. I use sketches to lead students in inquiry based learning and I have students create their own sketches to better understand the geometric and algebraic concepts behind the math.